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Spaces Kennedydamm
Kaiserswerther Straße 135
40474 Düsseldorf

Monday – Friday
8 – 12 a.m. & 01 – 05 p.m.

We accompany our clients through the world of technology und die world of moods

We see ourselves as a family, a single entity – with many different characters.  What makes us who we are? We undertake our projects with empathy, passion, and love for the work. Because we can. Through our years of experience we have earned the trust of our clients, which is what we also want to develop with new clients. We work in the same environment as our clients and as a result have the perfect understanding for new visions.


Professional planning together with our clients through our experts.

Project Development

Creation and visualization of detail and cost plans through standardized processes.


Production, delivery, and installation, as well as active project support, during the implementation phase^, based on 25 years of experience with projects of every size.

Innovation, Creativity and Expertise

In our work we bring together the world of technology and the world of moods, always on the basis of innovation, creativity, and expertise.  At international trade fairs we look for the newest design trends for interior design and implement them in creative meetings.

The path from the vision to the mission happens very strategically and purposefully.

In addition to competence in planning, project development and implementation, maierhofer Deutschland has many years professional expertise in furnishing projects and interior design.

Kreativität und Expertise
Alberto Alessi

Good design is forever

We keep not only the design, but also the entire sociological environment of the interior living environment in mind.  Made by people for people, unique, with the appropriate elements of interior design.

Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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